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The Nordic Society OIKOS sponsors Publication in Dryad sponsored in Nordic Journal of Botany - Four newly sponsored journals from Nordic Society Oikos via @datadryad

NJB most cited papers 2013

The most cited articles of those published in NJB in 2011 and 2012 span a wide flora of topics. They range from an updated index of Neotropical Annonaceae to new Basidiomycota-species and an overview of the use of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Notably, three...

Editor in Chief: shorter handling times at NJB

During a period of very rapid growth in 2011–2012 the time needed for us to handle submitted manuscripts also tended to increase, but since then we have implemented new routines and actively worked to reduce our handling times and I am now proud to announce that our average...

NJB becomes an online journal

Starting January 2015 Nordic Journal of Botany will no longer appear as a printed journal. With this move we will be able to publish papers more swiftly and there will be no limitations as regards colour illustrations.

Dust seeds, orchids from two different continents and pollination in S-shaped flower heads – read in latest issue of NJB

Pyrolae dust seeds Dust seeds are the smallest seeds in angiosperms weighing just about a few micrograms. These seeds are characteristic of most orchids, but in this study the authors examined seed features, seed production and seed dispersal in another plant group with dust...