Genetic diversity in the Dactylorhiza majalis subsp. majalis populations (Orchidaceae) in northern Poland

25 February 2019

Naczk, Aleksandra M.; Ziętara, Marek

We analysed 16 populations of Dactylorhiza majalis subsp. majalis located in the northern Poland, simultaneously utilizing both morphological and molecular data. Genetic differentiation was examined using five microsatellite loci, and morphological variation was assessed for 23 characters. At the species level, our results showed a moderate level of genetic diversity (A = 6.00; Ae = 1.86; Ho = 0.387; FIS = 0.139) which varied between studied populations (A = 2.60-4.20; Ae = 1.68-2.39; Ho = 0.270-0.523; FIS = –0.064-0.355). A significant excess of homozygotes was detected in five population, while excess of heterozygotes was observed in four populations, but obtained values were statistically insignificant. Moderate, but clear genetic differentiation was found (FST = 0.101; P