New species of Peliosanthes, Rohdea and Tupistra (Asparagaceae) from Laos and Vietnam

10 August 2017

Averyanov, Leonid; Tanaka, Noriyuki; Nguyen, Khang; Nguyen, Nga; Maisak, Tatiana; Nguyen, Hiep

We describe and illustrate four new species, Peliosanthes choriandra, P. tatianae and Tupistra orlovii from central to northern Laos, and Rohdea filosa from northern Vietnam. These are very local in distribution and endemic to the respective countries. We also report new localities and their ecological conditions for five other species of Peliosanthes, P. argenteostriata, P. hirsuta, P. irinae, P. micrantha and P. nivea, recently described from Laos and/or Vietnam. Peliosanthes nivea is recorded as new to the flora of Laos