<i>Pterygiella trichosepala</i> (Orobanchaceae), an overlooked new species from Yunnan, southwest China

15 July 2019

Ming-Yun, Yin; Li, Shi-Gang; Wang, Huanchong

Pterygiella trichosepala (Orobanchaceae) is described and illustrated as a new species endemic to Yunnan, southwest China. It usually occurs in the limestone grasslands or scrubs at elevations of 2000-2600 m. This new species is closely related to P. nigrescens Oliv., but clearly differs from the latter by its whole plant pilose-hirsute, stems simple or rarely branched, 10-30 cm tall, leaves 10-20 mm long, 3-6 mm wide (with L/W ratio 3.5-5.0), inflorescences racemose, calyx 13-20 mm long, 8-13 mm in diameter; moreover its seed micromorphological features are significantly different from those of P. nigrescens.