Editor-in-Chief calling all plant ecology papers!

Submitted by Tina on 28 August 2020.

In this interview, Editor-in-Chief for Plant Ecology Sara Cousins gives some practical tips on submitting papers to NJB, one of four international journals published by the Nordic Society Oikos. She also sends out a call for global research on all aspects of plant ecology: from genes to invasive species to climate change, and more.

“There's so much room for different scopes within plant ecology,” said Cousins, who has interdisciplinary research interests herself as a professor in physical geography and associate professor in plant ecology at Stockholm University. Cousins joined NJB last year to share editorial duties with Torbjörn Tyler (Editor-in Chief for Taxonomy and Evolution), bringing a new emphasis on plant ecology to a publication historically weighted toward systematics studies.

“Nordic Journal of Botany has a really great geographical breadth,” Cousins said. “We have papers from all over the world, and it would be so nice to also see plant ecology papers from all these different parts of the world.”

Listen to the interview with EiC Sara Cousins on the Nordic Society Oikos website!