NJB invites new contributions

Submitted by nordicjbotany on 3 July 2015.

Nordic Journal of Botany now wants to become even broader and we therefore want to invite and encourage new contributors. There are many good arguments for submitting your next manuscript to Nordic Journal of Botany:

– Nordic Journal of Botany is owned and run as a non-profit enterprise by the Nordic Society Oikos (although in cooperation with Wiley & Sons Ltd to ensure stability). Thus, if you publish with us no multi-national company will benefit from your research. If a surplus is eventually produced by the journal it will be returned to the community of researchers in biology through our sponsorship of international conferences etc.

– We are fast and efficient. The average time from submission to first decision is only 25 days, and the majority of manuscripts that we have to reject receive that decision within less than one week.

– All manuscripts accepted by us are strongly promoted in social media by the editorial office. This ensures that your publications are seen and read by a broad audience of people world-wide with a general interest in botany and mycology.

– We accept manuscripts of all lengths, including both lengthy contributions containing large amounts of valuable descriptive data (check-lists etc.), and short papers based on relatively minor and simple studies (provided that the results are solid and new and may form the basis for future studies).

– Publishing with us is free, including an unlimited number of full-color illustrations, and if you want your paper to be Open Access we offer such a possibility at a competitive price.

– We are a journal with rising reputation and impact. In the last years we have seen a yearly increase in Journal Impact Factor of about 20%. Our current IF is 1.05 which is about average for journals in plant taxonomy and basic biodiversity, but our impact is increasing much faster than that of our competitors. Thus, if publishing with us now the merit rate of your paper is likely to increase with thime.

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