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Article number Year Description Documents
NJB-02608 2020

Espinosa-Jiménez, J. A. and Ortiz-Rodriguez, A. E. 2020. Taxonomic novelties within a non-monophyletic lineage: a new Mexican species of Desmopsis (Annonaceae). – Nord. J. Bot. 2020: e02608
NJB-02643 2020

Ji, R., Sheng, Y., Chen, L., Li, X. and Shao, J. 2020. Genetic structure of Polygonatum cyrtonema in Anhui Province from eastern China. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2020: e02643

NJB-02532 2020

Wang, Q., Niu, Z., Li, J., Zhu, K. and Chen, X. 2020. The complete chloroplast genome sequence of the Chinese endemic species Sorbus setschwanensis (Rosaceae) and its phylogenetic analysis. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2020: e02532
NJB-02477 2020

She, R., Zhao, P., Zhou, H., Yue, M., Yan, F., Hu, G., Gao, X. and Zhang, S. 2020. Complete chloroplast genomes of Liliaceae (s.l.) species: comparative genomic and phylogenetic analyses. - Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02477

NJB-02597 2020

Li, Y. Q., Lei, L., Nong, X., Tang, H. and Luo, C.-B. 2020. Plant carbohydrate-active enzymes in bamboo Neosinocalamus affinis: identification, classification and function in lignocellulose biosynthesis in herbivore defence. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2020: e02597
NJB-02592 2019

Sun, B., Zhu, Z., Liu, R., Wang, L., Dai, F., Cao, F. and Liu, S. 2019. TRANSPARENT TESTA GLABRA1 (TTG1) regulates leaf trichome density in tea Camellia sinensis. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02592

NJB-02574 2019

Li, X., Guo, Z., Li, Y., Zhou, P., Chen, X., Li, Z. and Xiang, X. 2019. Hemiboea guangdongensis comb. & stat. nov., a cryptic species segregated from H. subcapitata (Gesneriaceae) based on morphological and molecular data. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02574

NJB-02338 2019

Dias, M. G., Moura, B. B., Pedrosa, G. S., de Souza, S. R. and Cardoso-Gustavson, P. 2019. The role of non-glandular emergences in Croton floribundus (Euphorbiaceae) upon elevated ozone exposures. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02338

NJB-02420 2019

Kashin, A. S., Kritskaya, T. A., Parkhomenko, A. S. and Schanzer, I. A. 2019. Genetic polymorphism in Chondrilla (Asteraceae) in the south of European Russia and the nature of Chondrilla juncea L. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02420

NJB-02401 2019

Claessens, J., Bacallado, J. J., Bogarin, D., Dedroog, L., Heijungs, R., Langelaan, R., van Nieukerken, E. J., van den Berg, K. and Gravendeel, B. 2019. Pollination of Habenaria tridactylites on the Canary Islands. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02401

NJB-02275 2019

Ghimire, B., Suh, Y., Soltis, D. E. and Heo, K. 2019. Phylogenetic relationships of Coreanomecon (Papaveraceae: Chelidonioideae) inferred from seed morphology and nrITS sequence data. - Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02275

NJB-02422 2019

C.-H. Xia, Gadagkar, S. R., Zhao, X.-l., Do, T. V., Zhu, X.-Y., Qin, Y., Deng, H.-P. and Yu, S.-X. 2019. Impatiens maculifera sp. nov. (Balsaminaceae) Yunnan, China. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02422

NJB-02386 2019

Giupponi, L. and Giorgi, A. 2019. Effectiveness of modern leaf analysis tools for the morpho-ecological study of plants: the case of Primula albenensis Banfi et Ferl. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02386

NJB-02197 2019

Kosiński, P., Sliwinska, E., Hilpold, A. and Boratyński, A. 2019. DNA ploidy in Salix retusa agg. only partly in line with itsmorphology and taxonomy. - Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02197

NJB-02077 2019

Lu, L., Fritsch, P. W., Bush, C. B., Wang, H., Kron, K. A. and Li, D.-Z. 2019. Allopolyploidization as a driving force in the evolutionary history of the tribe Gaultherieae (Ericaceae) inferred from plastid, ITS, and low-copy nuclear regions. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e2077

NJB-02109 2019

Veiskarami, G. H., Khodayari, H., Heubl, G., Weigend, M. and Zarre, S. 2019. Phylogenetic relationships in Allium sect. Allium (Amaryllidaceae, Allioideae) in Iran as inferred from nrDNA ITS, cpDNA rps16 and trnL-F sequences. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02109
NJB-02337 2019

Choi, B., Yang, S., Song, J.-H. and Jang, T.-S. 2019. Karyotype and genome size variation in genus Ajuga L. (Ajugoideae–Lamiaceae). – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02337

NJB-02334 2019

Dítě, D., Dítě, Z., Hájková, P. and Šuvada, R. 2019. Vegetation and ecological characteristics of the northernmost salt marshes of the European continent. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02334
NJB-02175 2019

Lampinen, J. 2019. Disturbance, microclimate and historical habitat connectivity determine the population performance of the threatened grassland specialist Carex caryophyllea in remnant grasslands. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02175

NJB-02111 2019

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