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NJB-01628 2017

Das, K., Chakraborty, D. and Vizzini, A. 2017. Morphological and phylogenetic evidences unveil a novel species of Gyroporus (Gyroporaceae, Boletales) from Indian Himalaya. – Nord. J. Bot. doi: 10.1111/njb.01628

NJB-02522 2020

Czortek, P., Delimat, A., Dyderski, M. K., Zięba, A., Jagodziński, A. M. and Jaroszewicz, B. 2020. Population and community-level compositional patterns shape realized niche of the rare arctic-alpine species Carex lachenalii Schkuhr. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2020: e02522

NJB-02401 2019

Claessens, J., Bacallado, J. J., Bogarin, D., Dedroog, L., Heijungs, R., Langelaan, R., van Nieukerken, E. J., van den Berg, K. and Gravendeel, B. 2019. Pollination of Habenaria tridactylites on the Canary Islands. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02401

NJB-02594 2020

Chua, K. S., Borkent, A. and Wong, S. Y. 2020. Floral biology and pollination strategy of seven Tacca species (Taccaceae). – Nordic Journal of Botany 2020: e02594

NJB-02337 2019

Choi, B., Yang, S., Song, J.-H. and Jang, T.-S. 2019. Karyotype and genome size variation in genus Ajuga L. (Ajugoideae–Lamiaceae). – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02337

NJB-01111 2016

Cheng, J., Lyu, L.-S., Shen, Y.-B., Li, K.-X., Liu, Z.H., Wang, W-X. and Xie, L. 2016. Population structure and genetic diversity of Lithocarpus litseifolius (Fagaceae) assessed using microsatellite markers. – Nord. J. Bot. doi: 10.1111/njb.01111

NJB-01580 2018

Chen, X., Jin, C., Wang, P., Chen, K., Zhang, X., Li, J., Gong, C. and Wang, A. 2017. Genome-wide analysis and endo-β-mannanase gene families expression profiling of tomato and soybean. – Nordic Journal of Botany doi: 10.1111/njb.01580

NJB-1580 2018

Chen, X., Jin, C., Wang, P., Chen, K., Zhang, X., Li, J., Gong, C. and Wang, A. 2017. Genome-wide analysis and endo-β-mannanase gene families expression profiling of tomato and soybean. – Nordic Journal of Botany doi: 10.1111/njb.001580

NJB-00260 2013

Cai, X.-Z., Yi, R.-Y., Zhou, L., Kuan, R.-P. and Liu, K.-M. 2013. Primulina jianghuaensis sp. nov. (Gesneriaceae) from a limestone cave in southern Hunan, China. – Nord. J. Bot. doi:10.1111/j.1756-1051.2013.00260.x

NJB-02422 2019

C.-H. Xia, Gadagkar, S. R., Zhao, X.-l., Do, T. V., Zhu, X.-Y., Qin, Y., Deng, H.-P. and Yu, S.-X. 2019. Impatiens maculifera sp. nov. (Balsaminaceae) Yunnan, China. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02422

NJB-00362 2014

Buurgaard Sørensen, S., Larsen, B., Orabi, J. and Ørgaard, M. 2014. Primula farinosa in Denmark; genetic diversity and population management. – Nord. J. Bot. doi: 10.1111/j.1756-1051.2013.00362.x

NJB-02658 2020

Bog, M., Appenroth, K. J. and Sowjanya Sree, K. 2020. Key to the determination of taxa within the family of Lemnaceae: an update. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2020: e02658
NJB-00288 2013

Bakker, J. P., Hoffmann, F., Ozinga, W. A. and Rosén, E. 2013. Shading results in depletion of the soil seed bank. – Nord. J. Bot. doi: 10.1111/j.1756-1051.2013.00288.x

NJB-01317 2017

Attanayake, S. R. M. R., Kumari, S. A. S. M., Weerakody, W. A. P., Ranil, R. H. G., Damania, A. B. and Bandaranayake, P. C. G. 2017. Molecular diversity and genetic relationships of Sri Lankan pomegranate Punica granatum landraces assessed with inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) regions. – Nord. J. Bot. doi: 10.1111/njb.01317

NJB-00265 2014

Athanasiadis, A. and Ballantine, D. L. 2014. The genera Melyvonnea gen. nov. and Mesophyllum sensu stricto (Melobesioideae, Corallinales, Rhodophyta) particularly from the Central Atlantic Ocean. – Nord. J. Bot. doi: 10.1111/njb.00265
NJB-00521 2014

Åström, H., Hæggström, C.-A. and Hæggström, E. 2014. Geographical distribution of Allium oleraceum cytotypes in Finland and Sweden. – Nord. J. Bot. doi: 10.1111/njb.00521

NJB-02037 2018

Antkowiak, W., Janyszek-Sołtysiak, M. and Klimko, M. 2018. Seed-coat microsculpturing of selected Noccaea Moench and Thlaspi L. species (Brassicaceae: tribes Coluteocarpeae, Thlaspideae) and its taxonomic significance. – Nord. J. Bot. 2018: e02037

NJB-02236 2019

Andersson, S. 2019. Ecotypic divergence in Crepis tectorum (Asteraceae): inferring trait lability and correlational constraints from hormonally manipulated phenotypes. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02236

NJB-01070 2016

Andersen, H. L., Naess, S. J. and Salvesen, P. H.2016. Hybridization between the locally endangered Rosa spinosissima and Rosa mollis results in the pentaploid Rosa xsabinii in western Norway. – Nord. J. Bot. doi: 10.1111/njb.01070

NJB-00130 2013

Alfredsen, G., Rolstad, J., Solheim, H., Rolstad, E. and Storaunet, K. O. 2013. Is fungal species richness and composition related to the occurrence of the oldgrowth associated wood-decaying Amylocystis lapponica? – Nord. J. Bot. doi: 10.1111/j.1765-1051.2013.00130.x