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NJB-01989 2019

Naczk, A. M. and Ziętara, M. Z. 2019. Genetic diversity in the Dactylorhiza majalis subsp. majalis populations (Orchidaceae) in northern Poland. – Nord. J. Bot. 2019: e01989

NJB-01999 2018

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NJB-02015 2019

Nosov, N. N., Tikhomirov, V. N., Machs, E. M. and Rodionov, A. V. 2019. On polyphyly of the former section Ochlopoa Asch. et Graebn. and hybridogenic section Acroleucae Tzvelev et Prob. (Poa L., Poaceae): insights from the molecular phylogenetic analysis. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02015

NJB-02028 2018

Triana, N. H. and Latorre, A. V. P.2018. Phenological patterns in Mediterranean south Iberian serpentine flora. – Nord. J. Bot. 2018: e02028

NJB-02035 2018

Levin, J., Fay, M. F., Pellicer, J. and Hedr.n, M. 2018. Multiple independent origins of intermediate species between Sorbus aucuparia and S. hybrida (Rosaceae) in the Baltic region. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2018: e02035
NJB-02037 2018

Antkowiak, W., Janyszek-Sołtysiak, M. and Klimko, M. 2018. Seed-coat microsculpturing of selected Noccaea Moench and Thlaspi L. species (Brassicaceae: tribes Coluteocarpeae, Thlaspideae) and its taxonomic significance. – Nord. J. Bot. 2018: e02037

NJB-02060 2018

Nasrollahi, F., Kazempour-Osaloo, S., Mozaffarian, V. and Zare-Maivan, H. 2018. Molecular phylogeny and divergence times of Onosma (Boraginaceae s.s.) based on nrDNA ITS and plastid rpl32-trnL (UAG) and trnH–psbA sequences. – Nord. J. Bot. 2018: e02060

NJB-02065 2019

de Almeida Campos Cordeiro, A. and Neri, A. V. 2019. Spatial patterns along an elevation gradient in high altitude grasslands, Brazil. – Nord. J. Bot. 2019: e02065

NJB-02070 2019

Jaafry, S. W. H., Li, D., Fan, Z., Liu, L., Wei, X., Yang, T., Sun, Y., Zhu, Y., Li, L., Ren, Z. and Kong, R. 2019. Effect of soil nutrient, neighbor identities and root separation types on the intra- and interspecific interaction among the three clonal plant species. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02070

NJB-02077 2019

Lu, L., Fritsch, P. W., Bush, C. B., Wang, H., Kron, K. A. and Li, D.-Z. 2019. Allopolyploidization as a driving force in the evolutionary history of the tribe Gaultherieae (Ericaceae) inferred from plastid, ITS, and low-copy nuclear regions. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e2077

NJB-02078 2019

Zhang, Y., Tang, R., Huang,X., Sun, W., Ma, X. and Sun, H. 2019. Saussurea balangshanensis (Asteraceae), a new species from the Hengduan Mountains region, SW China. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02078
NJB-02109 2019

Veiskarami, G. H., Khodayari, H., Heubl, G., Weigend, M. and Zarre, S. 2019. Phylogenetic relationships in Allium sect. Allium (Amaryllidaceae, Allioideae) in Iran as inferred from nrDNA ITS, cpDNA rps16 and trnL-F sequences. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02109
NJB-02111 2019

Hrafnsdottir, T., Ingimarsson, F., Ingvason, H. R., Stefánsson, S. M., Þorvaldsdóttir, E. G., Malmquist, H. J. and Langangen, A. 2019. New finds of charophytes in Iceland with an update on the distribution of the charophyte flora. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02111

NJB-02119 2018

Ragavan, P., Dubey, S. K., Panda, M., Deyroy, M., Ravichandran, K., Trivedi, R. K., Jayaraj, R. S. C., Mohan, P. M. and Rana, T. S. 2018. Critical note on the identity and distribution of Sonneratia griffithii Kurz (Lythraceae) in India – a critically endangered mangrove species. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2018: e02119

NJB-02132 2019

Khosroshahi, E. E. and Salamaki, Y. 2019. Evolution of trichome types and its systematic significance in the

genus Phlomoides (Lamioideae–Lamiaceae). – Nord. J. Bot. 2019: e02132

NJB-02156 2018

Valli, A.-T., Kougioumoutzis, K., Iliadou, E., Panitsa, M. and Trigas, P. 2018. Determinants of alpha and beta vascular plant diversity in Mediterranean island systems: the Ionian islands, Greece. – Nord. J. Bot. 2018: e02156

NJB-02175 2019

Lampinen, J. 2019. Disturbance, microclimate and historical habitat connectivity determine the population performance of the threatened grassland specialist Carex caryophyllea in remnant grasslands. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02175

NJB-02186 2018

Fedosov, V. E., Churakova, E. Yu., Kholod, S. S., Beldiman, L. N., Bakalin, V., Zakharchenko, D. A. and Afonina, O. M. 2018. Bryophytes of Zhelahija Cape, Severny Island, Novaya Zemlya Archipelago. – Nordic Journal of Botany 2018: e02186

NJB-02197 2019

Kosiński, P., Sliwinska, E., Hilpold, A. and Boratyński, A. 2019. DNA ploidy in Salix retusa agg. only partly in line with itsmorphology and taxonomy. - Nordic Journal of Botany 2019: e02197

NJB-02209 2019

Kosachev, P., Mayland-Quellhorst, E. and Albach, D. C. 2019. Hybridization among the species of Veronica subg. Pseudolysimachium from the Altai detected by SRAP markers. – Nord. J. Bot. 2019: e02209