Editorial Board


Torbjörn Tyler, Lund University, Sweden

Editor-in-Chief for Taxonomy and Evolution

Plant taxonomy, biogeography, conservation.


Sara Cousins, Stockholm University, Sweden

Editor-in-Chief for Plant Ecology

Physical geography, landscape ecology, climate studies, specifically anthropogenic effects on plant communities over time.



Evolution – Stefan Andersson (Lund University, Sweden)

Plant systematics, pollination ecology, conservation biology and quantitative genetics.

Plants and their interactions – Anders Nielsen (Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) and University of Oslo, Norway)

Pollination ecology, climate and land-use change, biodiversity and ecosystem services, agro-environment interactions.

Plants in the Anthropocene – Aveliina Helm (University of Tartu, Estonia)

Ecosystem ecology, landscape ecology. biodiversity-friendly land use, grasslands, restoration, ecosystem services.

Systematics and Taxonomy – John Parnell (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Plant taxonomy & systematics, biodiversity, conservation biology, paleotropics.

Vegetation management and ecosystem function – Robin Pakeman (The James Hutton Institute, UK)

Grazing, long-term vegetation change, restoration, plant functional traits, conservation.



Stefan Andersson, Lund, Sweden – plant systematics, pollination ecology, conservation biology, quantitative genetics

Robert Baxter, Durham, UK – plant ecology, arctic ecology, fire ecology, carbon sequestration, climate

Peter Boyce, Munich, Germany – South East Asian vascular plant taxonomy

Rainer Bussman, Tbilisi, Georgia – ethnobotany, traditional knowledge, wild food plants

Sara Cousins, Stockholm, Sweden – community ecology, landscape ecology, climate change, biodiversity, physical geography

Alexandra Davey, Edinburgh, UK – botany, palynology, systematics, seed taxonomy, evolution

Stefan Ekman, Uppsala, Sweden – lichenology, mycology, evolutionary biology, molecular ecology, taxonomy

Charles Fenster, Brookings, USA – evolution and ecology of reproductive systems, plant-pollinator interactions

Magne Friberg, Lund, Sweden – pollination ecology, evolution of scent, scape, plant-insect interactions, communication

Mike Gilbert, Kew, UK – China vascular plant taxonomy, grasses, plant morphology, evolution

Aveliina Helm, Tartu, Estonia – ecosystem ecology, landscape ecology, biodiversity-friendly land use, grasslands, restoration

Klaus Høiland, Oslo, Norway – mycology, evolution, systematics, phylogeny

Xiao-Hua Jin, Beijing, China– China vascular plant taxonomy, systematics, evolution, Orchidaceae

Samuel K. Kiboi, Nairobi, Kenya – plant ecology, invasive plant species, ecological risk assessment, ecological restoration

Isabel Larridon, Kew, UK – African vascular plant taxonomy, systematics, evolution, ecology and conservation, Cyperaceae

Nina Lundholm, Copenhagen, Denmark – biogeography and ecophysiology of planktonic microalgae, diatoms, systematics, evolution, genetic diversity

Per Milberg, Linköping, Sweden – conservation biology, restoration, seed banks, biodiversity, grasslands, weed ecology

Alicia Montesinos-Navarro, Madrid, Spain – vegetation ecology, Assembly rules, guild ecology, plant-plant interactions, nutrients, community ecology

Rayna Natcheva, Sofia, Bulgaria – bryophytes, plant biodiversity, ecology, taxonomy

Anders Nielsen, Oslo, Norway – pollination ecology, climate and land-use change, biodiversity and ecosystem services, agro-environment interactions

Pål Axel Olsson, Lund, Sweden – soil ecology, biodiversity, mycorrhiza, nature conservation, plant-soil interaction, botany, grassland

Emma Ortuñez, Madrid, Spain – micromorphology, seed, plant taxonomy, phylogeny, Orchidaceae, Gramineae

Robin Pakeman, Aberdeen, UK – grazing, long-term vegetation change, restoration, plant functional traits, conservation

John Parnell, Dublin, Ireland – plant taxonomy, systematics, biodiversity, conservation biology, paleotropics

Ranee Prakash, London, UK – India vascular plant taxonomy, ethnobotany, medicinal plants, herbarium

Hans Sandén, Vienna, Austria – plant-soil ecology, mycorrhiza, microbe community, nutrient cycling, forest ecology, root ecology

Hanna Schneeweiss, Vienna, Austria – chromosome, polyploidy, evolution, repetitive DNA, cytology, pollen studies

Alexander Sennikov, Helsinki, Finland – nomenclature, phylogeny, plant taxonomy, evolutionary biology

Renata Sõukand, Venice, Italy – ethnobotany, ethnoecology, ethnomedicine, economic botany

Adriano Stinca, Naples, Italy – botanist, agronomist, vegetation science, community ecology, floristics

Jens-Christian Svenning, Aarhus, Denmark – evolutionary biology, biogeography, macroecology

Jaume Tormo, Zaragoza, Spain – restoration ecology, plant ecology, seed ecology, drylands

Panayiotis Trigas, Athens, Greece – Mediterranean vascular plant taxonomy, systematics, botany

Torbjörn Tyler, Lund, Sweden – plant taxonomy, biogeography, conservation, species diversity

Susanne Widell, Lund, Sweden – plant physiology, anatomy, biotic, light photoperception, fungi

Jean W. H. Yong, Alnarp, Sweden – mangroves, orchid physiology, mistletoe physiology, tropical plants, phytohormones

Shi-Bao Zhang, Kunming, China – ecophysiology, photosynthesis, functional traits, environmental stress, water relationship

Dongwei Zhao, Changsha, China – China vascular plant taxonomy, nomenclature, phylogenetics, Camellia, Theaceae

Xiang-Yun Zhu, Beijing, China – China vascular plant taxonomy, Oxytropis, Fabaceae, cytotaxonomy



Managing Editor


Oikos Editorial Office

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