<i>Aristolochia kechangensis</i> (Aristolochiaceae), a new species from Guangxi, China

4 July 2019

Peng, Yude; Gadagkar, Sudhindra; Li, Jin; Xie, Yueying; Huang, Xueyan; Lu, Huizhen; Huang, Baoyou; Yu, Liying

Aristolochia kechangensis Y. D. Peng & L.Y. Yu, a new species from northwestern Guangxi, China, is described and illustrated. Based on morphology, the species is determined to belong to genus Aristolochia, subgenus Isotrema. The species is similar to A. kwangsiensis and is found in karstic limestone habitats, with ovate-rounded to heart-shaped blades and 1-4-flowered racemose inflorescences, but differs from the latter with a heart-shaped (vs. rounded) blade base, yellow-green limbs with densely brown nervules (vs. red to purple limbs with tuberculate ornamentation), and slender fruit with diameter ca. 1.5 cm (vs. robust fruit with diameter ca. 2 cm). The leaf epidermis of the new species is characterized by tuberculate protuberances. Based on these characters, we believe that this species is new to science. We present here a detailed description, with line drawings, distribution map, and color plate, and compare it to related species based on morphological characters.