Aristolochia phuphathanaphongiana: a new species from southwestern Thailand

24 April 2015

Do, Truong; Neinhuis, Christoph; Wanke, Stefan; Pooma, Rachun

Aristolochia phuphathanaphongiana, from southwestern Thailand, is described here. The new species is most similar to Aristolochia acuminata and A. kongkandae, but it is distinguished by the following characters: a broad-ovate to cordate bracteole, sessile, 8–15 x 6–12 mm, the entire perianth dark-purple to maroon-black, limb lanceolate, abaxial surface densely covered with long grey hairs, seeds non-winged. In addition to the description, a key to the species of Aristolochia subsection Podanthemum from the Himalayan region and Indochina is provided.