Critical note on the identity and distribution of Sonneratia griffithii Kurz (Lythraceae) in India- a Critically Endangered Mangrove species

14 December 2018

P, Ragavan; Dubey, Sourav; Panda, Muktipada ; Deyroy, Malancha ; Trivedi, Raman; Ravichandran, K; Jayaraj, R.S.C.; Mohan, P.M.; Rana, T

The identity and distribution of Sonneratia griffithii Kurz, a critically endangered mangrove species, in India is validated and corrected. Field surveys revealed the occurrence of S. griffithii only in Andaman Islands. Further investigation has shown that specimens of S. alba from Indian Sundarbans and Odisha coast were misidentified as S. griffithii in earlier literatures. In addition to its taxonomic description and illustration, the key distinguishing characters of Sonneratia species found in the study are discussed to resolve the uncertainty in the identity and nomenclatural ambiguity of Sonneratia spp. in India.