<b><i>Curculigo sabui</i> (Hypoxidaceae), a new species from Balaghat Ranges of Maharashtra, India</b>

11 June 2019

Gaikwad, Sayaji; Gore, Ramchandra; Garad, Krushnadeoray; Gholave, Avinash

A new species, Curculigo sabui S.P.Gaikwad & Gore is described from margins of temporary fresh water streams in Yedshi-Ramling Wild Life Sanctuary of Balaghat Ranges of Maharashtra, India. Morphologically it resembles Curculigo janarthanamii Gore & S.P.Gaikwad and C. multiflora Zimudzi but differs in having elliptic-lanceolate to obovate (20– 52 × 3.0–4.5 cm) leaf lamina, flowers 3 to 5 in umbel-like racemes or sometimes solitary, seed coat with irregular striations and somatic chromosome number 2n=36. A detailed morphological description with line drawings, photographs and comparative account of the species is provided here.