Daphne thanguensis sp. nova (Thymelaeaceae) from Sikkim Himalaya

5 February 2018

Ghosh, Jayanta; Midday, Mrinmoy; Dey, Sentu; Maity, D.

Daphne thanguensis sp. nova from North Sikkim of Eastern Himalaya is described and illustrated. It is a narrow endemic related to D. tangutica Maxim. Daphne D. thanguensis occurs on open alpine pasture and differs from D. tangutica by its leaves with revolute margin and having tuft of hairs at apex, ebracteate inflorescence and flowers, calyx lobes with tuft of hairs at apex and annular, slightly undulate hypogynal disk. The new taxon is also close to D. retusa HenslHemsl., however, can easily be differentiated by sessile inflorescence, ebracteate flowers and tuft of hairs at leaf apices and calyx lobe apices. Conservation status of the new species in accordance with the IUCN red list categories and criteria are described stated and discussed.