Galium ovitdaghense sp. nov. (Rubiaceae: Rubioideae) from North Eastern Turkey

10 August 2017

Daşkın, Ruziye

A new species of Galium section Orientigalium, G. ovitdaghense Daşkın, is described and illustrated from Rize province, NE Anatolia. The new species is similar to three Turkish Galium species, namely G. basalticum, G. membranaceum and G. shepardii. However, it is distinguished from these species by its oblanceolate-oblong leaves with minutely antrorsely papillate-denticulate margins, pinkish, infundibular corollas, ovate-oblong, long-acuminate corolla lobes and broadly reniform, subpapillate mericarps.