Ligularia dalaolingensis (Asteraceae-Senecioneae), a new species from central China

14 May 2019

Fei, Wen-Qun; Wang, Long

Ligularia dalaolingensis, a new species from Hubei and Hunan, China, is described and illustrated. It belongs to L. sect. Ligularia ser. Speciosae on the basis of the palmate leaf vein, the racemose synflorescence and the pappus which is slightly shorter than tube of tubular corolla. Its closest relative is assumed to be L. fischeri, but L. dalaolingensis is readily distinguished from L. fischeri by the smaller basal leaves, the shorter synflorescence, the narrower involucres and the less phyllaries and florets. A diagnostic key to Chinese species of L. ser. Speciosae with broadly ovate, ovate or ovate-lanceolate bracts is provided.