Lophozia fuscovirens sp. nov. (Lophoziaceae, Marchantiophyta) – the second taxon with brown gemmae within Lophozia s. str.

22 February 2019

Bakalin, Vadim; Vilnet, Anna

Lophozia fuscovirens is described from the southern part of the Kolyma Upland (Russia, Northeast Asia) based on results of integrative research. The species is characterized by brown gemmae – a rare feature within Lophozia. The origin of L. fuscovirens may be correlated with the long existence of open landscapes with a relatively wet climate at the southern portion of Megaberingia at the Pleistocene maxima. A description and illustration of the new taxon are provided. The new taxon may be regarded as an evidence of speciation originally influenced by glaciations and currently going in the suboceanic-subcontinental subarctic landscapes that in general outlines were formed at the Pleistocene.