<i>Melocalamus grandiauritus </i>(Poaceae: Bambusoideae), a new species from Northern Vietnam

5 November 2018

Qin, Qiao-Mei; Tong, Yi-hua; Zheng, Xi-Rong; Ni, Jing Bo; Vu, Chinh; Nian-He, Xia

Here we describe and illustrate a new species, Melocalamus grandiauritus N.H. Xia, Q.M. Qin & J. B. Ni sp. nov., from the lowland forest in Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. Molecular phylogeny based on the GBSSI indicates that this species is a member of Melocalamus. Morphologically, M. grandiauritus is different from all congeneric species of Vietnamese Melocalamus. It is slightly similar to M. pacoensis H.N.Nguyen & V.T.Tran, but can be easily distinguished from the latter in having much wider suborbicular culm leaf auricles, very high and ventricose auricles of foliage leaves, entire ligules of both culm leaves and foliage leaves, and large leaf blades.