Michelia sonlaensis Q.N. Vu, a new species of Magnoliaceae from Northern Vietnam

15 July 2019

Vu, Nam; XIA, Nian; Bui, Thang; Dang, Ha

Michelia sonlaensis Q.N. Vu, a new species of Michelia from Son La province, northern Vietnam is described. The new species is assigned to the genus Michelia (separated from Magnolia), subfamily Magnolioideae based on general morphology. It is closely related to M. xianianhei and M. mannii, but differs mainly in having leaf-lamina elliptic, thinly leathery, larger, lower surface of leaves yellowish white villous (easily visible by eyes and feeling by hand), brachyblasts and outside bracts yellowish-white sericeous, flowering colour light green to cream white, and tepals 9, outside of all tepals silky hairy at base.