<i>Millettia weizhii</i> (Fabaceae: Millettieae), a new species from a limestone area in Yunnan, China

12 December 2018

Song, Zhu-Qiu; Xia, Qian; Zhang, Kai; Pan, Bo; Li, Jian-Wu; Xu, Dongxian; Liao, Shuai; Li, Shi-Jin

Millettia weizhii sp. nov. (Fabaceae), a tree species bearing pods with 4 wings from a limestone area in Yunnan, China is described and illustrated. The fruiting specimens of the new species were previously identified as Millettia tetraptera Kurz, a species recorded from Myanmar and India (West Bengal). But the examination of specimens and field survey show that the new plant can be easily distinguished from the latter by having longer and stipitate pods, much shorter pseudoracemes with 2 flowers in each node, white and longer corolla, triangular calyx lobes, and more and narrower leaflets. The new species should be placed in the Merrillii/Xylocarpa-group of Millettia sect. Fragiliflorae Dunn based on the morphological characters.