A new combination in Zingiber (Zingiberaceae) from China, Z. fallax

14 January 2019

Chen, Juan; XIA, Nian; Bai, Lin

Boesenbergia fallax Loes., previously known as a synonym of B. longiflora (Wall.) Kuntze, is recognized as belonging to the genus Zingiber Mill. It is conspecific with Z. liangshanense Z. Y. Zhu, which was incorrectly treated as a synonym of Z. striolatum in Flora of China. A new combination, Z. fallax (Loes.) L. Bai, Juan Chen & N. H. Xia is proposed here, and Z. liangshanense is treated as its synonym. Lectotypes are designated for B. fallax and Z. liangshanense. Zingiber fallax is now known to occur in southern Sichuan Province and northwestern to central Yunnan Province, China.