New combinations in Sarocalamus for Chinese alpine bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae)

17 June 2019

Stapleton, Chris

Sarocalamus was described for 3 high altitude bamboos from the Himalayas and SW China. They have strong morphological affinity to Arundinaria, which is now widely considered to be restricted to N America. Since the description of the genus additional potential members have come to light, and in molecular analyses they have resolved in a clade along with species already included in the genus. Sarocalamus has a Himalayan type but all other putative members of the genus are geographically disjunct from the Himalayan species. Within China they have been placed in Arundinaria, Sinarundinaria, Bashania, and Gelidocalamus. Branching characters in a range of temperate bamboo genera were investigated, and strong similarities between the Himalayan type species and a species from N Yunnan were evident. Species from the Himalayas and China appear congeneric on morphological and phylogenetic grounds, and three further species are transferred into Sarocalamus.