New finds of charophytes in Iceland with an update on the distribution of the charophyte flora

16 April 2019

Hrafnsdottir, Thora; Ingimarsson, Finnur; Ingvason, Haraldur; Stefánsson, Stefán; Þorvaldsdóttir, Eva; Malmquist, Hilmar; Langangen, Anders

Charophyte species new to the flora of Iceland are reported and an updated distribution of the previously known species is given. Four species are new to Iceland; Chara aspera Willdenow, Chara contraria Braun ex Kützing, Tolypella canadensis Sawa and Tolypella glomerata (Desvaux) Leonhardi, while other four species are previously known; Chara globularis Thuiller, Chara virgata Kützing, Nitella flexilis (L.) Agardh and Nitella opaca (Agardh ex Bruzelius) Agardh. The findings of the species new to Iceland add to the hitherto known worldwide distribution of those species, including an extended distribution to the north.