A new natural allotriploid, Lycoris × hubeiensis hybr. nov., revealed from morphological, karyological and molecular data

5 February 2018

Meng, Weiqi; Zheng, Lu; Shao, Jian-wen; Zhou, Shou-biao; Liu, Kun

A natural hybrid species, Lycoris × hubeiensis K. Liu, is confirmed and described based on morphological, karyological and molecular data. The new natural hybrid displays remarkable morphological differences relative to the putative parents L. radiata and L. aurea, and has a karyotype of 3n = 29 = 4m + 22A + 3T. Two chloroplast intergenic regions of ndhF-rpl32R and rpl32F-trnL were sequenced with three haplotypes found in the three taxa. The putative hybrid and L. radiata shared the same haplotype (H1), while L. aurea had two other haplotypes (H2 and H3). Combined with the morphological, karyological and molecular data, we conclude that the hybrid is an allotriploid with L. radiata being the maternal parent offering an unreduced gamete and L. aurea being the male parent.