New taxa and taxonomic notes in Aspidistra (Convallariaceae s.s.) of Laos and Vietnam

3 May 2019

Averyanov, Leonid; Nguyen, Khang; Son, Hoang; Tillich, Hans-Juergen; Maisak, Tatiana

This paper continues the publication of newly obtained results from a continuing taxonomic investigation of the genus Aspidistra in Laos and Vietnam. It includes diagnoses of two new species, A. medusa Aver., K. S. Nguyen & Tillich and A. triquetra Aver., Son, Tillich & K. S. Nguyen and amended descriptions of A. khangii Aver. et Tillich and A. locii Arnautov & Bogner known before on incomplete material. Lectotype of A. locii is proposed. Color illustrations, new or updated data on morphology, ecology, phenology, tentative relationships, distribution, and conservation status are reported for all mentioned taxa.