Notes on the genus Quekettia (Orchidaceae) with descriptions of two new species from Colombia and Guyana

10 April 2019

Kolanowska, Marta; Szlachetko, Dariusz

Two new species of the orchid genus Quekettia are described. Colombian Quekettia aureliae is distinguished from similar Q. microscopica by the pandurate lip with a pair of small, flap-like calli in the isthmus between hypo- and epichile, and deeply emarginated epichile apex. Quekettia senghasiana found in Guyana resembles Q. papillosa but it is characterized by the free lateral sepals, oblanceolate, obtuse petals and much larger lip which is oblong-obovate in outline and with lip disc being papillate only near the base.