Petrocosmea chrysotricha, a new species of Petrocosmea (Gesneriaceae) from Yunnan, China

28 November 2017

Han, Mengqi; Quan, Yuan; Lü, Tian-feng; Hong, Jiang; Liu, Yan

Petrocosmea chrysotricha M.Q.Han, H. Jiang & Yan Liu, from Yunnan China, is described and illustrated. P. chrysotricha was found on damp marlstone cliffs in evergreen broad-leaved forest on Mopan Shan accompanying with P. melanophthalma. It is most similar to P. begoniifolia in the oblique campanulate corolla tube but differs from the latter by its filaments with golden lanate covered in around the middle part, as well as the primrose yellow at the blossom, then turned white corolla.