Platycarpum vriesendorpiae sp. nov., a second new species of Tribe Henriquezieae (Rubiaceae) from Nutrient-poor Soils in the Peruvian Amazon

31 October 2017

Davila, Nallarett; KINOSHITA, LUIZA; M Taylor, Charlotte

The new species Platycarpum vriesendorpiae N. Dávila (Rubiaceae, Henriquezieae) is described from Peru, where it is restricted to white-sand forests and peatlands in the Tapiche and Blanco River watersheds in southeastern Loreto Region. It is generally similar to P. acreanum Rogers of western Brazil in its phyllotaxy, leaf pubescence, and fruit shape and size. However, this new species differs in its triangular stipules that are 2- or 3-angled at the base and smaller corolla size.