Plectranthus gamblei (Lamiaceae): a new endemic species from India and notes on the identity and lectotypification of P. bourneae

4 December 2017

Kokkaraniyil, Smitha; Sunojkumar, Purayidathkandy

Syntypes of Plectranthus bourneae consists of Gamble’s and Bourne’s specimens from different localities. Amount of variation noticed on the cited syntypes and those observed on fresh specimens enabled us to treat both collections under different species. Following Gamble, we treated Bourne’s collection as P. bourneae and a lectotype is designated. Gamble’s specimen having ovate leaves, compact inflorescence, elliptic bracts and glabrous ovules are treated as new species under the name P. gamblei. Detailed description, photographs, IUCN red list category, distribution map, biogeographic and relevant notes are provided for the two species. SEM images of mericarp’s surface sculpturing patterns are also provided.