Primula vallicola sp. nov. (Primulaceae) from Sichuan, China

17 May 2019

Xu, Yuan; Hao, Gang; Hu, Chi-ming

A new species of Primula, P. vallicola Y. Xu, G. Hao & C.M. Hu, is described and illustrated from Sichuan province, China. Based on general morphology the new species is assigned to section Aleuritia subsection Yunnanensis. It is closely allied to P. kialensis, and can be distinguished by its larger stature, the leaf shape, and the well-differentiated petiole. The leaf shape of the new species is ovate to ovate-elliptic and usually sub-rounded at base. The new species also resembles P. homogama, but differs in being glabrous rather than with appressed hairs, and with longer petiole.