On some forgotten species of Exidia and Myxarium (Auriculariales, Basidiomycota)

28 June 2017

Spirin, Viacheslav; Malysheva, Vera; Larsson, Karl-Henrik

Exidia cartilaginea and E. villosa are typified and shown to be conspecific with the North American species E. candida. Based on morphological differences, E. cartilaginea is retained as a variety of E. candida. Current concept of Myxarium nucleatum covers four species in Nordic countries: M. cinnamomescens, M. hyalinum, M. nucleatum s.str. and M. populinum. These species are redescribed and their nomenclature is discussed. Exidia subrepanda is placed to the synonyms of E. saccharina, and Heterochaete europaea to E. thuretiana.