Taxonomic notes on Ilex sect. Ilex (Aquifoliaceae) from China I: revision of four species

6 January 2019

Yang, Yi; Peng, Hua

A taxonomic revision of four species of Ilex from China is presented. Ilex dabieshanensis is revised as I. × dabieshanensis. Six synonyms are newly put forward: I. huoshanensis is reduced to a synonym of I. × dabieshanensis from I. centrochinensis, I. urceolatus to I. hylonoma var. glabra, I. kunmingensis var. capitata and I. macrostigma to I. kunmingensis var. kunmingensis, I. dasyclada and I. tetramera var. glabra to I. tetramera var. tetramera. A revision consisted of nomenclature, description, phenology, distribution and habitat, taxonomic notes, and specimens cited is given to each species.