Taxonomic notes Macromitrium densum (Bryopsida) with a new synonym, M. brevissimum

26 November 2013

Yu, Jing; Yong, Kien-Thai; guo, shuiliang

Macromitrium densum Mitt. (from Nepal) well differentiated from other Asian congeners by its lingulate and strongly rugose leaves having cucullate, obtuse to retuse apices with a mucro, distinctly bulging upper and median leaf cells, and tuberculate lower and basal cells. Comparisons of the type and other specimens of M. brevissimum Dixon from Thailand with those of M. densum show that they belong to a single species and hence that the names are synonyms. Macromitrium densum is now known with a wider distributional range, covering Nepal, Thailand to north Peninsular Malaysia and Vietnam. The phenetic relationship between M. densum and other species of Macromitrium is also discussed.