Taxonomic studies on Amomum (Zingiberaceae) in China I: Amomum velutinum, a new species from Yunnan previously misidentified as A. repoeense and A. subcapitatum

6 October 2017

Ye, Xing Er; Leong-Skornickova, Jana; XIA, Nian

A general introduction to Amomum Roxb. (Zingiberaceae, Alpinioideae, Alpinieae) is provided together with material and methods used in this and our subsequent papers focusing on taxonomic studies of Amomum in China. In this paper, we address the identity of a species formerly misidentified as Amomum repoeense Pierre ex Gagnep in China and A. subcapitatum Y.M.Xia in Laos. Our studies reveal that the material previously identified as A. repoeense in China is heterogeneous, but none of it is of A. repoeense. The majority of these specimens collected mainly in Yunnan, represent a new species here described as Amomum velutinum X.E.Ye, Škorničk. & N.H.Xia. A detailed description and illustrations of the new species, which also occurs in Laos and Vietnam, are provided. As A. velutinum had previously been confused with A. subcapitatum in Laos, we also provide a description and illustration of the latter. A comparison of A. velutinum and seven morphologically similar species occurring in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and a taxonomic key distinguishing them, are provided.