Taxonomic studies on Zingiber (Zingiberaceae) in China VI: Z. leucochilum, a new species from Sichuan

11 April 2018

Bai, Lin; Leong-Skornickova, Jana; Nian-He, Xia; De-Zhu, Li

Zingiber leucochilum L.Bai, Škorničk. & N.H.Xia (Zingibereae, Zingiberaceae), a new species from south eastern Sichuan, China, is described and a colour plate is provided. Notes on ecology, distribution and the preliminary IUCN conservation assessment are also given. It is assigned to Z. sect. Cryptanthium Horan. and compared to five morphologically similar species from China which share the characteristic well-elongated and running rhizome, namely, Z. emeiense Z.Y.Zhu, Z. leptorrhizum D.Fang, Z. pauciflorum L.Bai, Škorničk., D.Z.Li & N.H.Xia, Z. smilesianum Craib and Z. yunnanense S.Q.Tong & X.Z.Liu. A key to the above six species is provided, together with a distribution map..