Typification of names related to Salix lapponum (Salicaceae) and its hybrids published by I. F. Tausch

9 September 2017

Hroneš, Michal; Trávníček, Bohumil

Typification and nomenclature notes on seven names (two at the rank of species and five varietal ones) of willows published by I. F. Tausch in 1837 are provided. The name Salix arenaria var. latifolia is deemed illegitimate. Four names (Salix arenaria var. atropurpurea, S. arenaria var. nivea, S. arenaria var. marrubiifolia and S. argyroides) are considered synonymous to S. lapponum var. lapponum and one (S. arenaria var. denudata) to its hybrid with Salix silesiaca. The final name, Salix daphneola, applies to a unique glabrous variety of S. lapponum (var. daphneola) endemic to the Krkonoše Mts., Czech Republic.