Early view articles

Nordic Journal of Botany has continuous publication since 2018. Articles are therefore not published as Early view, but are included in the upcoming issue.

20 December 2017

Leucas pachmarhiensis (Lamioideae; Lamiaceae) a new species from Central India

Tiwari M. Arjun Prasad, M. Shaikh, S. K. Gavade, M. M. Lekhak, P. Sunojkumar
20 December 2017

Annual burning of semi-natural grasslands for conservation: winners and losers among plant species

Per Milberg, Häkan Fogelfors, Lars Westerberg, Malin Tälle
15 December 2017

Ophiorrhiza jacobii (Rubiaceae) sp. nov. from Western Ghats, India

Hareesh Vadakkoot Sankaran, Salish Menachery Johnson, Wu Lei, Joseph Ginu, Sabu...
6 December 2017

Hygrocybe rajendrae sp. nov. (Hygrophoraceae) of subsection Squamulosae from Indian Himalaya

Singh Upendra, Das Kanad, Uniyal Priyanka, Mehmood Tahir
6 December 2017

Brachionidium elzbietae and B. dorisiae spp. nov. (Orchidaceae) from Colombia

Kolanowska Marta, Rykaczewski Max, Medina Trejo Ramiro, Szlachetko Dariusz L.
4 December 2017

Evolution and systematics of polyploid Nigritella (Orchidaceae)

Mikael Hedrén, Richard Lorenz, Herwig Teppner, Branko Dolinar, Cesario Giotta,...