Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue. For each article you can see current altmetrics.

23 October 2017

Genome-wide analysis and endo-β-mannanase gene families expression profiling of tomato and soybean

Xiuling Chen, Changjiang Jin, Peiwen Wang, Kai Chen, Xiaoxuan Zhang, Jingfu Li...
12 October 2017

Pterygiella luzhijiangensis (Orobanchaceae), a new species from Yunnan, southwest China

Di Qiao, Zhao-Rong He, Xing-Da Ma, Huan-Chong Wang
7 October 2017

Taxonomic revision of Angelica oncosepala and Heracleum yunnanense

Qun-Ying Xiao, Yan Yu, Deng-Feng Xie, Xian-Lin Guo, Xing-Jin He
7 October 2017

Angelica muliense sp. nov. (Apiaceae), a new species from Sichuan, southwest China

Chenyang Liao, Jiazhen Zhang, Jinbo Tan, Yi Chen, Xiangguang Ma
21 September 2017

Effects of seed colour heterogeneity on germination behaviour of a desert plant, Lotononis platycarpa (Fabaceae)

Sanjay Gairola, Hatem Shabana, Tamer Mahmoud, Andrea Santo
19 September 2017

Lectotypification of names for Jacquemontia (Convolvulaceae) species

Maria Teresa Buril, G. Staples