Accepted articles

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16 June 2017

Biodiversity of pollen in indoor air samples as revealed by DNA metabarcoding

Korpelainen, Helena; Pietiläinen, Maria
10 June 2017

Curcuma cotuana (Zingiberaceae: Zingibereae), a new species from C. subgen. Ecomatae from central Vietnam

Luu, Truong; Tran, Dang; Nguyen, Trung; Leong-Skornickova, Jana
8 June 2017

The genus Myrosmodes (Orchidaceae: Cranichidinae) in Argentina

Martin, Claudia; Zanotti, Christian; Scrocchi , Gustavo
7 June 2017

Taxonomic studies on Zingiber (Zingiberaceae) in China IV: Z. pauciflorum, a new species from Yunnan

Bai, Lin; Leong-Skornickova, Jana; De-Zhu, Li; Nian-He, Xia
2 June 2017

Polyalthia yingjiangensis (Annonaceae), a new species from the China/Myanmar border

Xue, Bine; Ye, De-ping; Shao, Yun-yun; Tan, Yun-Hong