Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published online as Early View fulltext versions. These abstracts have not been copyedited. Titles and abstracts might change before a final version is published as Early View.

11 September 2018

Phenological patterns in Mediterranean south Iberian serpentine flora

Hidalgo Triana, Noelia; Pérez Latorre, Andrés V.
31 August 2018

Rachunia cymbiformis, a new genus and species of Gesneriaceae from Thailand

Middleton, David J.; Khew, Gillian; Poopath, Manop; Moeller, Michael; Puglisi,...
31 August 2018

Allocation of nitrogen and phosphorus within and between the needles, stems, and roots of Picea seedlings

Wang, Zhi-Qiang; Huang, heng; Li, xiaowei; Mao, kangshan; Ran, jinzhi; Deng,...
29 August 2018

A new species of <i>Boletellus</i> (Boletaceae, Basidiomycota) from tropical India

Parihar, Arvind; Hembrom, Manoj; Vizzini, Alfredo; Das, Kanad