Accepted articles

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19 July 2018

Scape anatomy and its systematic implication in Allium stipitatum species complex (Amaryllidaceae)

Mina, Khorasani; Saeidi Mehrvarz, Shahryar; Zarre, Shahin
18 July 2018

Cytotaxonomy of Piptatherum kuoi (Stipeae, Poaceae)

zhang, zhongshuai; Chen, Wenli
11 July 2018

Campanula baskilensis (Campanulaceae), a new species from Turkey

Behçet, Lütfi; İlçim, Ahmet
3 July 2018

Remarkably conserved plastid genomes of Quercus Group Cerris in China: comparative and phylogenetic analyses

Yang, Yanci; Hu, Yiheng; Ren, Ting; Sun, Jingjing; Zhao, Guifang
29 June 2018

Seed morphology and seed coat anatomy of Fraxinus, Ligustrum, and Syringa (Oleeae: Oleaceae) and its systematic implications

Ghimire, Balkrishna; Jeong, MiJIn; Suh, Gang ; Heo, Kweon; Lee, Cheul
26 June 2018

Lectotypification of Calamus nambariensis Becc. (Arecaceae)

Deka, Kishor; Borthakur, S; Nepi, C; Tanti, Bhaben
19 June 2018

Typification of the Linnaean name Ononis crispa and its related O. zschackei (Fabaceae)

Ferrer-Gallego, Pedro; saez, llorens; Laguna, Emilio ; Rosello, Josep
12 June 2018

The role of beetles in the pollination of the mangrove palm Nypa fruticans

Straarup, Michael; Hoppe, Lars; Pooma, Rachun; Barfod, Anders