Accepted articles

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17 January 2016

Karyology of Aconitum subgenus Lycoctonum (Ranunculaceae) from China, with report of a new base chromosome number of x = 6 for the genus Aconitum

Hong, Yu; Gao, Qi; Luo, Yan; Luo, Jiang-Ping; Zhang, Yu; Yuan, Qiong; Yang, Qin...
15 January 2016

Primula persimilis sp. nov. (Primulaceae) from Sichuan, China

Hao, Gang; Xu, Yuan; Yan, Haifei; Hu, Chi-ming
21 December 2015

Methods for obtaining more complete species lists in surveys of lichen biodiversity

Vondrak, Jan; Malicek, Jiri; Palice, Zdenek; Coppins, Brian; Kukwa, Martin;...