Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published online as Early View fulltext versions. These abstracts have not been copyedited. Titles and abstracts might change before a final version is published as Early View.

8 October 2015

Primulina suichuanensis sp. nov. (Gesneriaceae) from Danxia landform in Jiangxi, China

Zhou, Da-Song; Zhou, Jian-Jun; Li, Ming; Yu, Xun-lin
8 October 2015

The lichen genus Umbilicaria in Ecuador

Hestmark, Geir
27 September 2015

Primulina melanofilamenta (Gesneriaceae), a New Species from Guangxi, China

Wen, Fang; Liu, Ying; Su, Lan-Ying; Zheng, Kai-Wen; Huang, Shi-Lian; Tian, Feng
25 September 2015

<i>Magnolia nuevoleonensis</i> (Magnoliaceae) – A new species from Northeastern Mexico and a key to species of section <i>Macrophylla</i>

Vázquez-García, José Antonio; Domínguez-Yescas, Reyna; Velazco-Macías, Carlos;...
8 September 2015

Elevational gradient and vegetation-environmental relationships in the central Caspian forests of northern Iran

Moradi, Halime; Naqinezhad, Alireza; Siadati, Soudeh; Yousefi, Yadollah; Attar...