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19 May 2014

Extinction of vascular plants in Spain

Aedo, Carlos; Medina, Leopoldo; Barberá, Patricia; Fernández-Albert, Marta
11 May 2014

A new serpentine-adapted carnation (Caryophyllaceae) from Turkey: Dianthus serpentinus sp. nov.

Hamzaoğlu, Ergin; koç, murat; büyük, ilker; aksoy, ahmet; SOYDAM AYDIN, Semra
24 April 2014

Hoya hanhiae sp. nov. (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae) from Central Vietnam

Pham, The; Averyanov, Leonid; Le, Anh
21 April 2014

A new species of Vaccinium (Ericaceae) from Guangxi, China

Tong, Yi-hua; Xia, Nian-he
14 April 2014

Oberonia manipurense sp. nov. (Orchidaceae) ˗ a new species from Manipur, India

chowlu, krishna; Yumnam, Nanda; Rao, Abbareddy; Angela, Nengpilhing; Sharma,...
8 April 2014

Geographical distribution of Allium oleraceum L. cytotypes in Finland and Sweden

Åström, Helena; Hæggström, Carl-Adam; Hæggström, Eeva