NSO-journals in COVID-19 times

Submitted by Tina on 27 March 2020.

Dear authors, readers and reviewers,

As the world grapples with COVID-19 we write, above all, to wish you and those close to you continued good health.  These are uneasy times and we wanted to let you know that the editorial office of the Nordic Society Oikos (NSO) is open (online and virtually). We continue to treat manuscripts, whether they are new submissions or revised submissions.  We also hope that this effort will contribute in keeping the spirit of academia and academics up.  

We know that the ones that are key to our editorial system, whether authors, reviewers, editors or editorial staff, are likely in very different circumstances right now.  Not everyone will be able to continue to work in their regular schedules.  And we know that many won’t be able to resume their academic activities anytime soon.  As such, flexibility is key! 

For the time being, we want to provide everyone as much flexibility as possible.  Reviewers that are invited and can’t commit to a review within the suggested deadline, please let us know whether you could provide us with an alternative timeline or simply rather not review at that moment.  Authors that need to resubmit their revised versions, please get in touch with their respective journals and we will find a timeline that is convenient for you. We also need to be patient with our editorial board members.  Many have identified that they will be able to continue editing manuscripts, but they too need flexibility in their timelines.  

We feel that keeping our editorial services moving is particularly important to graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and new faculty.  We want to assist them in the best way possible as we know that they are in a sensitive stage of their careers where support towards them publishing their research is key.  

Finally, if your situation allows, please write to us with requests and suggestions to help us in best assisting you, whether your role is as an author, a reviewer or as a reader.  Your contributions have always been, and will always be invaluable to the Nordic Society Oikos and to our journals.  In the meantime, please take good care! 


Dries Bonte, Editor-in-Chief, Oikos

Gerlinde De Deyn, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Oikos

Jan-Åke Nilsson, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Avian Biology

Jens-Christian Svenning, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Ecography

Linus Svensson, Director of the Oikos Editorial Office

Miguel Araujo, Editor-in-Chief, Ecography

Pedro Peres-Neto, Strategic Editor, Oikos

Sara Cousins, Editor-in-Chief, Nordic Journal of Botany

Thomas Alerstam, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Avian Biology

Torbjörn Tyler, Editor-in-Chief, Nordic Journal of Botany