Research on Mimulus pictus at #Botany2022

Submitted by editor on 30 August 2022.

Sarita Munoz-Gomez visited our stand at the Botan2022 conference and submitted a drawing of her beautiful study organism, Mimulus pictus, to our drawing contest! Her drawing won the contest which includes this special feature of her research on our blog. Read more below about her interesting study plant!

"In my research about M. pictus, I use M. pictus flowers to understand the formation of a natural pigmentation pattern. In this case, this species has a vein-associated pigmentation pattern. In the initial stages of my research, I have defined distinct developmental stages of the pigmentation pattern formation that describe where and when the pattern starts and how it completes. This species doesn't have a good genome or transcriptome available, which is why our next step will focus on assembling transcriptomes that give us more information on which transcription factors (and when and where) might be associated with the formation of the pattern. We would also like to look into the association between vasculature formation, pigmentation, and auxin during development."