Call for papers: Plant and vegetation-based indicators for ecosystem restoration in a European context.

Submitted by editor on 20 May 2022.

We are part of nature and need nature in our lives. Under the EU’s Biodiversity strategy, a new nature restoration plan will be launched to protect nature and
reverse the degradation of valuable ecosystems. The diversity of the EU Member States calls for individual strategies for bringing back diverse and resilient nature.
In our new special issue, NJB will put the spotlight on plants and their diverse roles in reaching restoration targets in this special issue.

Our EiC in ecology, Sara Cousins, and our special issue guest editor, Line Johansen, are looking forward to curating the content for this special issue.

NJB welcomes your abstract submission to NJB [at] oikosoffice [dot] lu [dot] se by 1st October 2022!