Accepted articles

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10 March 2015

The phylogeny of Alyssum L. (Brassicaceae) inferred from molecular data

Li, Yan; Feng, Ying; Lv, Guanghui; Liu, Bin; Qi, Aladaer
25 February 2015

Primulina hunanensis, a new species of Gesneriaceae from limestone area in southern Hunan, China

Cai, Xiu-Zhen; Tian, Jing; Xiao, Shun-Yong; Peng, Ling; Liu, Ke-Ming
23 February 2015

Remarks on typification of nineteen names in Tamarix L. (Tamaricaceae)

Villar García, Jose Luis; Alonso, Maria; Juan, Ana; Crespo Villalba, Manuel...
3 February 2015

Astragalus trifoliastrum (Fabaceae), a revived species for the flora of Turkey

Bagheri, Ali; Karaman Erkul, Seher; Maassoumi, Ali Asghar; Rahiminejad,...