Accepted articles

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22 January 2014

Two New Species of Spiradiclis (Rubiaceae, Ophiorrhizeae) from Guangxi, China

Deng, Shujun; Wen, Haizhen; Huang, Xiangxu; Wang, Ruijiang
14 January 2014

Bellevalia chrisii sp. nova (Asparagaceae): A new species from Eastern Anatolia, Turkey

YILDIRIM, HASAN; Altıoğlu, Yusuf; Şahin, Bilal; Aslan, Serdar
14 January 2014

Dionysia assadii sp. nov. (Primulaceae: sect. Dionysiopsis) from southern Iran

Borjian, Amir; Deylami, Ehteram; Dousti, Abu
14 January 2014

Cytotaxonomy of Dubyaea glaucescens (Compositae-Cichorieae)

Liu, Ying; Yang, Qin-er
13 January 2014

Rheum neyshabourense (Polygonaceae), a new species from Iran

Jafari, Azarnoosh; Baradaran, Bahram
26 December 2013

Typification of five names in Paracaryum (DC.) Boiss. (Boraginaceae)

Koca, Asli; Yıldırımlı, Şinasi
19 December 2013

New species of the genus Pachyphyllum (Orchidaceae, Vandoideae) from Colombia

Szlachetko, Dariusz; Kolanowska, Marta